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Have you ever tried a fresh handmade cigar? Pirate Cigars specializes in offering unique boutique items. Our artisanal cigars are made in Tampa, Ybor City and Miami. If you like cigars, check out Pirate Cigars!

The Pirate line of products feature decorative capa. Capa refers to the wrapper of the cigar. If you have not seen a decorative cigar, visit our site. Then, click on the images to see some of the options available.

The whimsical designs vary from cigar to cigar. However, the care and focus on rolling a perfect parejo, perfecto or box-pressed beauty is something to see!

Size Options

Robusto 48g 5"
Toro 52g 6"
Sublime 56g 6 1/2"
Torpedo 52g 7"
Chubby 60g 7"
Churchill 48g 7 1/2"
Solamon 44-48g 7 1/2"
Super Chubby 70g 6 1/2"

Wrapper Options

There are many wrapper options in the Pirate lines, including various shapes and sizes. There is a perfect size, shape and strength for everyone. Our offerings include common favorites like Habano, Connecticut Broadleaf and Connecticut wrapper.

In addition, Pirate offers infused options, too. Try one of our coffee infused or rum infused creations. You are in for a treat! The flavor is refined. Also it delivers a perfect smoking experience.

As a small, boutique shop, Pirate provides custom blends.

Custom Blends

What does a custom blend mean? A custom blend is a special outer wrapper. However, it also means a size or shape. Additionally, it includes decorated outer wrappers. In addition, the filler blend is custom. Finally, it has a specific intensity or profile. Contact us for more information.

Our Rollers

First and foremost, most of our rollers in Florida are from Cuba. In addition, most have been rolling cigars for many decades. As a result, you will experience the passion.

Customer Service

Customer service is important to us. Additionally, we appreciate every opportunity. Our cigars have been featured on many radio shows. Also, you might hear us on podcasts. We have several custom lines from our biggest fans - including the Izzo Maduro.

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