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Cigar Assortment with Cannon Holder



Every pirate needs a cigar cannon! We've put together a compelling offer you really can't refuse. We've combined some of our favorite sticks with a stylish holder - and right now, you can get everything with a discount. We recommend you buy several and give them as gifts.*

The maduro and habano chubbies are pure delight. Fresh-rolled here in Tampa, you will enjoy these cigars down to the last puff. The maduro salomon is incredibly beautiful to behold and mouth-watering from its dark wrapper to the notes of spice, chocolate and a little floral toward the foot.

The barber poles and torpedoes are for "fancy" moments. Unlike many barber poles, the wrappers are complimentary and won't leave you wondering if it's mild or bold, it's just a perfect in-between milid-medium symphony on your palate. The torpedoes might make you swear you spent A LOT MORE on the experience with their smooth appearance and beautiful burn. They're mild-medium that will make you want to order more while you can.

*or keep them all for yourself. The cigar cannons are really cool!


10 Cigar Assortment Details

Two Maduro Chubby

Two Habano Chubby

Two Maduro Salomon

Two Double Wrap (Barber Pole)  Churchill

Two Connecticut Torpedo

& Cannon Holder

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